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From: traumarei
Subject: Borrowed Time Part 3: Horny Boys and Blow JobsBorrowed Time
by TraumareiPart 3. Horny Boys and Blow JobsDisclaimer: This is a work of fiction.
The first time Jerry ever saw a blow job was the time Jimmy did a blow job
in front of the group. Paul had brought several porn magazines. It was just
Paul, Jimmy, Jerry, and Dale that day, all sitting around pretty much
undressed."Man, look at that mouth on that girl! Bet that feels good." Jimmy was
stroking himself as he stared down Preteen Lolita Pussy at the magazine."You'll never know.""Bet I will.""Maybe if you pay a faggot to suck your cock.""Both Preteen Lolita Pussy of you are faggots." This was from Dale, who was watching the
exchange with an amused grin.Jimmy kept watching the magazine as he stroked. "It would be so fine to get
my cock sucked." At that, he spit on his palm, then replaced his hand on
his dick again. Jerry watched as the liquid dripped out and ran down
Jimmy's shaft."Gross.""Nah, it feels good. Not as good as a mouth though, I bet."Jimmy kept stroking. Jerry gulped, suddenly imagining Jimmy swallowing
someone's dick. Quickly he said the first thing that came into his
head. "Have you ever thought about giving someone a blow job?"Dale looked at him. "What are you, some kind of faggot?""I just figured since Jimmy's so hot to get his dick sucked, maybe he'd
like to suck someone else's.""Even Preteen Lolita Pussy Jimmy's not dumb enough to do that."But then Jimmy spoke. He'd cum while the other boys were talking, and now
was wearing the kind of half-manic, half-exhausted look that was Jimmy
after a good orgasm. "It's not a dumb idea," he said."You're nuts.""I've got nuts, and they're full." Jimmy waggled his balls back and Preteen Lolita Pussy forth."Shooting blanks, more like it." Jimmy, Jerry, and Trevor were still dry
when they came."Less of a mess that way. Quicker to reload." And indeed, Jimmy was already
swelling again, ready to Preteen Lolita Pussy all appearances for a second go."Jesus, Jimmy, don't you ever quit?""Nope." He paused and leered at Dale. "So how about it, Dale? You wanna
find out how it feels to have your nuts sucked dry?""Fuck no!" Jerry could tell, though, that Dale was being tempted. He hadn't
gotten off yet, and his boxers were tented out in front with a growing wet
spot.Jimmy could tell it too. "I bet you'll like it," he said, opening his mouth
and licking his lips."Jesus, Jimmy." It was closer to a whisper now. Dale licked his own lips,
unconsciously."So what do you say? A blow job for a blow job?""I gue--fuck, no!" Dale interrupted himself, realizing what he'd almost
agreed to."Dare you."Dale looked away. "I don't do sex dares."Paul snorted. "Yeah, you do." He was sitting naked on the floor now, lazily
stroking his erection as he watched the conversation. Jerry suddenly
realized that he had been stroking himself through his briefs. He thought,
what the hell, and pulled them Preteen Lolita Pussy
down.Jimmy noticed. "Jerry likes the idea. So why not?""Why not suck off *his* dick, faggot?""Cause you're the one I dared."Dale gulped. "I don't gotta suck you off. Not all the way.""Just two minutes." Jimmy agreed."Two minutes!""I won't get off that fast, after jerking off Preteen Lolita Pussy already once. Besides, I
won't spray in your mouth. You'll spray in mine.""Only if I like it.""Oh, you'll like it. I guarantee that."Jimmy took two steps toward Dale, who was almost six inches taller than
him. He tugged Dale's boxers down, then knelt, grabbed Dale's dick around
the base, and licked it with his tongue."Fuck!""Feels good, don't it?"Paul was full-out jacking off by now, watching with a grin on his
face. Jerry was dimly aware that he was stroking himself slowly, his mouth
wide open.Later on, Jerry realized that Jimmy really wasn't very good at giving a
blow job that first time. He didn't know to bob up and down on Dale's dick,
and a couple of times his teeth rubbed against Dale's dick, causing the
other boy to grimace and complain. Overall, though, it was plain that Dale
really liked the way it made him feel.Dale only lasted a couple of minutes before his face stiffened and he
jerked his hips forward, several times in a row. Jimmy gagged, but kept on
sucking. To his own surprise, Jerry found himself clenching as well with
his own orgasm.And then Dale was pulling back, his dick apparently really sensitive now,
while Jimmy spit several times to get Dale's cum out of his mouth and onto
the floor, where he wiped it up with a damp rag. He drank deeply from a can
of 7-Up, swirled it around his mouth, then walked over to a nearby sink and
spit again."Yuck. That was really nasty. I don't get why girls would do that.""Suck a cock?""Swallow a guy's cum. Yuck." He paused. "Next time, tell me before you cum,
so I can finish you off with my hand.""N-next time?" Dale still was looking slightly stunned."Sure." Jimmy grinned. "It wasn't really that bad up until the end, when
you gagged me and tried to drown me. Kind of like sucking your
thumb. You'll see." He leered at Dale. "Ready to keep your end of the
bargain?"Poor Dale looked like he was about to be sick. Jerry had noticed before now
that when they were getting all sexed up, Dale was one of the most eager
boys for playing around. Once he had cum, though, his attitude seemed to
change. He would stand further away, taking deep breaths and not looking at
any of the other boys for several minutes. It was as if he suddenly felt
guilty for what they had all been doing. Preteen Lolita Pussy Karl acted that way, too.Jerry had read somewhere about the letdown some boys feel after they
cum. He guessed that was it, since Dale never seemed to hesitate when they
were getting ready to fool around. Jerry figured that if he really felt
guilty underneath, he'd act more nervous about it before they actually did
anything. Preteen Lolita Pussy
Sometimes Jerry felt that way too--like he didn't want to do
anything sexual after his orgasm had hit--although just as often, he'd feel
like he was ready to go straight on for round two.Whatever the reason, it didn't look like Dale was going to be sucking
anyone anytime soon. Seeing the stormy look on Jimmy's face, though, the
other boy relented. "Just give me a couple of minutes," he said, then
walked over and lay down on the foldout futon.The other boys talked a few minutes while Dale recovered. Finally, Dale sat
up, took a deep breath, then walked over and got on the floor in front of
Jimmy, who grinned and stood, his small dick jutting out and up."Two minutes," Dale warned."Yup. Jerry, you keep track." Jerry quickly pulled off his wristwatch so he
could keep track while he was stroking."Ready, begin."Dale started the same way Jimmy had, holding down Jimmy's dick so that he
could get to it with his tongue and licking tentatively at the top. Jimmy
shuddered and gasped. Then Dale hesitantly opened his mouth and put it over
about two inches' worth of Jimmy's dick. He closed his mouth, then appeared
to suck a bit, experimentally.Jimmy was in heaven. "Oh God, oh shit, it's just as good as I thought it
would be. Oh, damn. I feel like my brains are melting out of my ears."By now, Dale had gotten more confident in what he was doing. He would pull
off of Jimmy's dick and lick it, then put his mouth over Jimmy's dick
again. It looked like Dale was licking Jimmy's dick while it was inside his
mouth as well. Jimmy's hands clenched and unclenched at his sides.Back when Jerry had been watching Jimmy suck Dale, his focus had all been
on Dale's dick and how good it must feel with Jimmy's mouth on it. Now, all
he could think about was Dale's mouth, and how his own mouth would feel to
have a dick inside it. He swallowed, and rubbed his dick more rapidly.Jimmy didn't last long. Before much time had passed, he gulped, stiffened,
then let out a stream of profanity, the shudders of his orgasm plainly
evident. Watching him, Jerry came a second time, this time more intensely
than the first. He whipped his hand away from this dick and shuddered with
the sensations.Dale spat Jimmy's dick out of his mouth. "That wasn't no two minutes," he
said angrily, looking at Jerry.Jerry swallowed. Oh, God. He'd been so caught up in watching that he'd
completely forgotten he was supposed to keep track of the time. He glanced
down at his watch. Shit. It had been four minutes, easy."Have Jerry make it up to you," suggested Jimmy, grinning. "Next blow job's
on him. For me, too."Jerry stiffened. Sure, he'd been thinking about giving blow jobs, but even
while it was happening in front of him it hadn't actually been *real*. More
like some kind of porn or fantasy.Before he could figure out anything to say--whether Preteen Lolita Pussy in agreement or
protest--Dale spoke, looking at Jimmy. "Why for you?"Cause I want another blow job," he laughed."Fuck you," Dale laughed back.################################################Jerry was unbelievably nervous the next time the guys got together for one
of their sex sessions, just two days later.He'd jacked off several times thinking about blow jobs, both giving and
getting them. He'd also tried to think about everything he'd ever heard
about how to give a good blow job. Don't use your teeth was about all he
could remember, from Dale's words to Jimmy just two days before. He didn't
know if the thought of sucking on a penis excited him more, or made him
scared. Both, he admitted to himself.He didn't want to seem too excited about it, so he decided not to say
anything unless someone else did. The minute he came in the door, though,
he heard Paul saying to Dale, "There's your free cock suck ticket for the
evening." So that was that.The three of them were the only ones there so far. They were meeting at
Dale's that night, instead of Jimmy's. Within about five minutes, though,
Trevor and Jimmy both arrived. Karl wasn't there again.They sat around for about an hour, playing video games and talking. Then
Jimmy, who had been rubbing his hand against his crotch for several
minutes, grinned and said, "It's time for Mr. Happy," then started taking
off his clothes.A couple of minutes later, Jerry found himself on his knees in front of
Dale, while Jerry and Paul explained about what had happened the time
before. Trevor shook his head. "He's gonna suck off your cock? Better make
sure you don't decide you like it too much."Dale's dick was warm and hard in his mouth, and bigger than he'd
expected. He tried to keep his lips curled over his teeth. He poked his
tongue against the bottom side of Dale's dick, and Dale gasped. He decided
that was a good sign, and moved his tongue around the edges and side. Dale
wiggled a little, as if it just felt too good for him to stay still.Then Jerry thought, I can make my lips go up and down on Dale's dick, like
a hand. When he tried it out, Dale gasped again, louder than before.
Another good sign. Slowly, he started moving his mouth back and forth. He
was careful not to go more than about an inch at a time, because he didn't
want to get it too far back and choke himself.Dale started panting heavily, something Jerry hadn't seen him do before.
Then suddenly he stiffened and pushed his dick much deeper into Jerry's
mouth, so that the back of it touched the back of his throat. Meanwhile,
Dale had grabbed onto the back of Jerry's head so he couldn't pull
back. Jerry struggled not to throw up.In just a minute, warm, salty, kind Preteen Lolita Pussy of yucky liquid was filling up Jerry's
mouth. There was nowhere for it to go. His throat swallowed reflexively.
Dale groaned, and shot some more into Jerry's mouth.Finally Dale pulled his dick out. "Sorry," he said, and looked away.Jerry spat out the last little bit that hadn't already gone down his
throat. To his surprise, he realized that he was really mad, though he
wasn't even sure why. "Just be more careful next time," he said
finally. Then he got dressed and left, without even waiting to jerk off
first.He struggled to hold back angry tears as he was biking back to his house.
He tried to figure out just what it was that made so upset. First, he
supposed, was just how scared he had been before it started. Then when it
did start, he'd done his best to make it feel good for Dale, but it was
like the other boy forgot Jerry was even there while he rammed his dick
down his throat. Well fuck him, Jerry thought. Just fuck him.The next day, Dale came over to Jerry's house by himself. Stonefaced, Jerry
let him in, but didn't invite him Preteen Lolita Pussy up to his room. Instead, they stood
facing each other in the living room. No one else was home."I'm really sorry," Dale said. "I guess that was pretty bad, huh?""You treated me like a faggot," Jerry said.Dale winced. "I didn't mean to. It was just..." He paused, then looked
straight at Jerry. "It was just that it felt so damn good. I don't think I
ever felt anything that good, even when I first learned how to jerk off. I
just lost it."Jerry looked at him. He seemed sincere. Finally Jerry said, "All right.""Are we okay?""Yeah."Dale's face broke into a relieved grin. "By the way, thanks," he said. "It
was a really great blow job."################################################It was another couple of weeks before Jerry had his first blow job, from
Jimmy. By then, Jimmy had learned to go up and down when he was giving blow
jobs, the way Jerry had figured out almost by accident his first time.Jerry really, really liked it. At first it just felt warm and kinda, well,
wet. Then Jimmy's tongue started moving Preteen Lolita Pussy against the underside of Jerry's
dick, and suddenly it felt so good his legs almost gave out. He put one
hand on the back of a nearby chair to keep himself from falling over as
Jimmy finished him off."Good, ain't it?" asked Jimmy with a grin, after it was over."Fuck yeah!"Paul, listening, laughed. "There's only two kinds of boys in the world. The
ones who love blow jobs, and the ones who haven't had 'em yet." The other
guys all grinned. By then, they'd all had blow jobs of their own.################################################Blow jobs stayed something that they did only sometimes, not all the
time. The boys all agreed they felt really good, but no one was all that
excited about giving them. Jimmy would do them most of the time, and Paul
would sometimes get in a mood where he got into it, but Dale and Mark
really didn't like giving them most of the time. Trevor wouldn't do it at
all, saying it was too gross. As a result, he didn't get very many blow
jobs from the others.Jerry eventually decided he didn't mind giving blow jobs, but he didn't
want to let the other boys know in case they thought he was a
faggot. Besides, he still got nervous sometimes, remembering what it had
been like that first time with Dale. Horny, but nervous. He thought one of
the reasons why the other boys didn't dare each other to give blow jobs
more often was because they remembered how upset Jerry had been that one
time when Dale lost control.Unspoken by any of them was something else Jerry sensed. It wasn't so much
that the act of sucking off another boy would make the others think you
were gay; otherwise, they never would have been willing to do it at
all. Instead, it was a kind of sense that if they made it a regular thing
to suck each other off, the whole thing would start to take on a different,
more serious tone. Every now and then was a fun thrill. More often than
that and somehow the whole thing would stop being about getting together to
let off steam, and start being about having sex. That was a line no one was
willing to cross.
(c) 2008 by Traumarei. All rights reserved.Author's Note: So what do you think? Comments are particularly welcome...
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